Renter Relations

Renter Relations

October 2014

Here’s the latest fun video we created for On-Site!

Client: On-Site
Music by Joel Levison
Animation by Reggie Schickel


Two Hands (VisionFund)


Two Hands

July 2014
LADD (On-Site)
Better Together

After creating The Cashew Queen of Puttlam Village, VisionFund once again came to Schickel Studio to create another video about another inspiring mircro-loan recipient.

Two Hands tells the story of Sugumaran, and how he’s been able to lift his family out of poverty with the help of VisionFund.


LADD Animation 

June 2014

Check out the latest fun spot we created for On-Site. Enjoy!

Client: On-Site
Animation by Reggie Schickel
Voice Acting by Ethan Lyon and Rachel West


Better Together Animation

January 2014

This is a spot we created for a nationwide credit union organization committed to working together. Adam and Eve never getting together is a sad thought indeed. We love how this one came out. Take a look and enjoy the show!


End Polio Now


End Polio Now + Rotary International

December 2013 

First Place Winner! Our video is being used online by the End Polio Now Campaign and Rotary International to help raise awareness for the cause. I had a fun time directing, working with awesome actors, and answering questions during the live facebook chat following the video’s online premiere. Check it out!


On-Site Whiteboard Animation

November 2013

Here’s the latest whiteboard animation created for, the nationwide online apartment leasing company. This was a fun one, and the 80s references were a joy to draw… *sigh* I miss the 90s. Written by Onsite, animated by yours truly.


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