Better Together

Better Together Animation

January 2014

This is a spot we created for a nationwide credit union organization committed to working together. Adam and Eve never getting together is a sad thought indeed. We love how this one came out. Take a look and enjoy the show!


End Polio Now


End Polio Now + Rotary International

December 2013 

First Place Winner! Our video is being used online by the End Polio Now Campaign and Rotary International to help raise awareness for the cause. I had a fun time directing, working with awesome actors, and answering questions during the live facebook chat following the video’s online premiere. Check it out!


On-site Whiteboard Animation

November 2013

Here’s the latest whiteboard animation created for, the nationwide online apartment leasing company. This was a fun one, and the 80s references were a joy to draw… *sigh* I miss the 90s. Written by Onsite, animated by yours truly.


On-site Animated Cartoon

August 2013

Here’s a fun animation we created for, the video’s being utilized nationwide. The funny script was written by On-site. Enjoy!




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